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What Mario Kart Taught Me About Business

I’m not much of a gamer anymore. I used to be. Then again, weren’t we all in the 90s? Nintendo was pretty much our generation’s iPhone. Mostly everyone had one. And those who didn’t have one, wanted one. It was fresh, cool and continually being modified with newer versions and games that were better than the last. I fell in love with Super NES in 1994 when my brother and I got it as a Christmas gift. And on it, we loved playing one of the greatest party games of all time: Mario Kart.     Parents used to always […]



How To Keep Your Inbox At Zero (And Other Productivity Tips)

I used to poke fun at my wife because she has some OCD tendencies. For example, different foods can’t touch each other on the dinner plate. For me, I just pour gravy over everything. Or what about how the bed needs to be made just right or else she can’t fall asleep? I passed out in Grand Central Station once next to a homeless dude. Slept great! At home, not much bothers me. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized I’m very different when I arrive at the office. Maybe she and I are more alike than I thought. Like […]

Embracing New Software in the Workplace

It’s easy to become complacent. We get into our daily routines, we learn how to do our jobs just well enough to not get fired, and we rinse, wash, and repeat until retirement. Or at least some of us do. Others embrace the new methods and new tools that become available to be more productive in our jobs. Whether this leads to a promotion or not, it should be your duty as a valued member of your team to continually be innovative and find the best possible ways to get your job done at the highest quality. Author David Foster […]



iPhone Continues to Pave the Way for Mobile 1

Just this past fall, Apple released their newest smartphone, the iPhone 5. Despite it having many similar features as the iPhone 4S, more than two million people pre-ordered the phone in the first 24 hours. The iPhone alone has granted massive amounts of users with a highly functioning machine that promotes quick communication and high quality multimedia material. This has had a major influence on the smartphone industry, most notable forcing other players to improve (Google) or die (RIM). I’m not an Apple fan. In fact, I hate that they have so much control over the industry and use their clout to boss other […]