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Which Digital Advertising Program is Right for Me?

The advent of the Internet has opened up so many digital doors to marketers today. And at the same time, many of these opportunities are available to small business owners at affordable rates. From big sites like Amazon to your local newspaper’s website, you just need to know what’s available and what you’re doing. I’ll admit it. It can be a little intimidating to read the many blog posts out there on online advertising, leading you to become quickly overwhelmed. So I’m here to help you figure out which advertising platforms might work best for you based on your specific situation. You […]



Google AdWords: What Is It and Where Do I Begin?

Google AdWords is the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) program in the world today and the biggest revenue driver for the technology/media giant. The easiest way to describe Google AdWords is that you are buying traffic to your website. This is directly compared to the organic search results, which are free. However, much work goes into trying to boost organic rankings, and it is even more challenging now with Google’s Hummingbird update which focuses on high quality content more so than links and other outdated factors. AdWords is a bit more efficient from a timing standpoint since you can appear high in rankings much […]

Storytelling and Subliminal Advertising

I read BuzzFeed every day. I don’t care for all the political banter, but I do enjoy the funny material about pop culture and advertising. One article caught my eye from this past Wednesday. The headline reads: Do You Know How to Kiss a Girl? Then Learn! In step-by-step fashion, the copywriter goes into detail about the anxious yet glorious moment before a first kiss with a girl. The simple images on the left column help the reader visualize the advice being given in the text. It’s not until the last paragraph that the copyrighter slips in a hit about […]