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Here’s What “Quality Content” Actually Means

Online content comes in many forms. But four times out of five, at least for most startup owners, the most popular type comes in the form of blog posts. Why’s that? Because static pages rarely change and more advanced forms of content (like case studies, infographics or videos) take time and resources that entrepreneurs rarely have. Great content should be generated often. It’s one of the best inbound marketing techniques business owners can do to drive people to their sites. Wait. Stop me. You’ve heard this one before. Of course you have. We all have. It’s all marketers have been talking […]



Five Tips for Writing Case Studies That Aren’t Boring as Hell

This article is about case studies… Wait. Don’t leave yet! In the past, everything about case studies has probably made you run far away. They are often dry, generic, or pretty much just a high school pep rally (minus the cool letterman jackets) cheering on a company, product, or solution. But they don’t have to be. Case studies can play a powerful role in one’s content marketing strategy. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute (PDF), small B2B marketers say case studies are the most effective content marketing tactic they can use. Good case studies can help to subtly […]

101 Different Types of Content for Your Content Marketing Plan

We keep hearing it over and over again: “Content is King. Content is King!” And it’s true. Content is the single best way to drive people to your website today. Various types of content, strategically connected to your brand, can work wonders in capturing the attention of consumers and leading them in your direction. But you have to provide some sort of value. Teach them something. Entertain them. Do something that makes it worth their while. That’s where you have the opportunity to tell them about your brand and what you can do for them. I always encourage my clients […]



Contributed Content and Linking

Public relations is often associated with media relations, crisis communication, or reputation management. But many of those same skills, mainly writing and pitching, can be put to great use in the Internet marketing world. A practice that is becoming very common lately is content marketing, or, using content to grow your brand. Many outlets are in desperate need for content to populate their sites or blogs with the latest news or the insider perspective on certain subjects. Taking the time to prepare quality content off-site can be tremendously beneficial to your SEO efforts. I Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine […]