Social Media

  • Social Media 101: How to use social today (the basics).
  • Building a Social Plan: How to build a social plan for your business.
  • Social Advertising: How to manage successful ad campaigns.
  • Promotions: How to conduct a social media promotion that works.
  • LinkedIn: How to build a great profile and network with others.


Digital Marketing

  • Local Listings: How to set-up a Google MyBusiness page.
  • Google Ads: How to use the world’s most popular advertising tool.
  • Software: How to take advantage of tools to be more productive.
  • Email Marketing: How to get into customer inboxes.
  • KPIs and Metrics: How to get customer insights using analytics.


Public Relations

  • Media Relations: How to build a solid media list and perform outreach.
  • Crisis Communication: How to use social media to help with crises today.
  • Basic Marketing Research: How to conduct online polls and digital surveys.
  • Customer Service: How to perform great customer service online.
  • Content Marketing: How to write and build business content that matters.