Thomas Armitage specializes in digital branding, personal marketing and career coaching. With more than 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and having taught at the college level for more than 5 years, he's now devoting his spare time to helping movers & shakers, entrepreneurs, direct sellers, start-ups, and job seekers embrace digital, build their brands, and meet their personal goals. His thought-leadership pieces have been featured in Entrepreneur, MarketingProfs and PR Daily. A music fan, he's seen more than 100 artists live.


Let's build an online presence for your brand.

Personal teaching in digital marketing.

Advise you with social and outreach efforts.

Review and edit resume and cover letter.

Guidance in job refocus and interview prep.

Strategy to help you become a social media star.


  • $40/hr

    • Personal Branding

      Direct Selling Support

      Influencer Growth

      1:1 Training

      Resume Critiques

      Career Coaching

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Tom does a great job of balancing priorities, meeting client needs, and exceeding everyone's expectations. He is a driven individual with a passion for succeeding at whatever he takes on. He provides a unique perspective on all things digital.
Jessica Amidon, Digital Marketing at Welch Allyn
His willingness to learn new information outside of his expertise exceeds that of his peers. When confronted with new information Tom has a driven, creative mind that seeks realistic yet innovative solutions to complex issues and problems.
Doug Croft, Professor at Utica Collee
He made all concepts easy-to-learn and was very organized and well-prepared. He taught with great passion and ambition (and with humor) and he made our evening class truly enjoyable. Off all classes at Utica College, I still remember this one.
Jasmine Kukko, Sales at SwipeGuide